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film production

everything from a single source, since 1992

Our passion is wrapping up complex topics in a fascinating way through medial preparation. We poduce high quality media productions that transport their message plainly.


nothing is more interesting than reality

Cinema documentaries, TV documentaries, construction documentaries.

industrial film

use our expertise for your requests

Image films, corporate films, recruitment films, educational films, product films, trade fair films, promotional films.


targeted communication

The primary focus for us is the question of what objective should be achieved. We advise you not only on what form your film could take, but also on how to achieve your communication target within your budget range. Depending on the objective, we produce the film at low cost (HDV) or in top quality in XDCam HD, 4K cinema format or as a stereo 3D film. For this purpose we employ our own staff and equipment or make use of our extensive international network of specialists. Working with co-operation partners allows us to organise cost efficient shooting in other countries.


ideas for your project

Our authors and directors develop unusual ideas and concepts as the basis for the screenplay of your film.


technical equipment

We work with our own equipment: From cranes and steadycams to dolly and slider, a Sony F55, a Panasonic GH4 and GoPros, to special high-speed cameras, camera copters and a cineflex helicopter, we put together the equipment needed to produce breathtaking images. Of course we have the necessary safety equipment and safety certificates for offshore shooting as well.


cut, animation, music, speaker, look

We can work with all video formats up to 4K thanks to our AVID-Symphony cutting system and the corresponding VTR machines. A modern screen design creates a distinctive look for your documentary. Computer animation in 2D and 3D depicts the invisible and makes it easier to understand. The high-quality colour correction gives the pictures depth and brilliancy. Specially designed sound gives more expression to the images. Our composers provide for the appropriate soundtrack, no matter whether classical, hip-hop, mood or experimental. A wide variety of excellent speakers convey your message in nearly all languages.


access at any time

As a service provider, we archive your film sequences and enable you to access them at any time via the internet. We produce and update footage files for broadcasters and provide your partners with all audio-visual materials needed. Aside from our principal service, we work with exhibition designers, event specialists and artists via our creative network in order to produce unusual projects for you as well.


your target audience is ours

We produce small and large DVD editions, label and cover designs included, and send them to your customers. We contact TV magazines for you, distribute your films to the video platforms on the internet and see to it that they do not vanish on the World Wide Web.


camera crews, equipment, editing rooms

We offer cameras, sound and light techologies for rent, let entire film crews, as well as our speaker's booth and our two editing rooms in Bremen, equipped with Avid Media Composer. Contact us for details on equipment, prices and availability.